Mettler AX205 AX-205DR Analytical Semi Micro Balance Delta Range

Mettler AX205 AX-205DR Analytical Semi Micro Balance Delta Range
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Model: AX205
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Mettler AX205 AX-205 Analytical Semi Micro Balance Delta Range

Capacity- 220g

Weighing Range- 81.00000g/220.0000g

Readability- 0.01mg/0.1mg

Repeatability in Full Load- 0.04mg

In Range 0-60- 0.015mg

Linearity on entire range-+-0.15mg

Within 10g-0.03mg

Stabilization Time- Typically 2-5Sec in Fine Range 8-12s Full range tare

12 selectable Weighing units- g,mg,oz,ct,dwt,GN, etc..

Features Piece counting, percent and dynamic weighing with statistics and density determination.

RS232 Data Communication.

Full Description:

Capacity: 220g. Weighing ranges: 81.00000g/220.0000g. Corresponding readability: 0.01mg/0.1mg. Repeatability, in full load: 0.04mg, in range 0-60g: 0.015mg. Linearity: over entire range:+-0.15mg, within 10g: 0.03mg. Stabilization time: typical, 2...5s, in fine range, 8…12s. Has full range tare. Features 12 selectable weighing units: g, mg, oz, ct, dwt, GN, ozt, etc. ., piece counting, percent and dynamic weighing, statistics and density determination. 2 of the weighing units may be selected to be displayed simultaneously on the display. Equipped with RS232 Data Interface. Features under balance weighing. Calibrated and tested.

At any time, proFACT detects automatically when the balance exceeds the permitted tolerance range and calibrate the balance utilizing 2 internal weights. Except of usual internal calibration, the proFACT fulfills linearity self-calibration.

In addition to the proFACT, the balance has menu operated calibrations: motorized internal calibration with linearization by the built in weights and external calibration by user defined weight.

The balance features convenient Touch-Screen and Hands-Off operation. By the Hands-Off feature opening and closing the glass draft shield or zeroing the balance can be done without touching any buttons. Balance operating menu allows to adapt the balance to weighing conditions, select calibration function, auto zero correction, primary and info weighing units, language and interface output parameters.

The balance draft shield consists of 3 glass doors: top door, left side door and right side door. The each side door can be engaged with the top door to move together or each door can be moved separately. There is one touch button or hands-off or auto motorized movement of the doors or they can be moved manually. The hands-off movement of the glass doors is provided by “SmartSens” sensors located at the right and left sides of the terminal.

The balance can be used in 3 languages: English, Spanish and French.

Balance dimensions (W x L x H), mm: 241 x 505 x 293. Effective height above the pan: 240mm. Weighing pan sizes: 80 x 80 mm. Balance weight: 9.7 kg. The balance comes with a power supply, 115v.

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Mettler AX205 AX-205DR Analytical Semi Micro Balance Delta Range
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Mettler AX205 AX-205DR Analytical Semi Micro Balance Delta Range
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